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I have been blessed to work with an incredible group of people over the years, both on stage, backstage, in front of, and behind the camera. Hopefully I will chat about some of my crew/back stage experiences in a blog post, but here I'll focus on the acting side of things.

Here is a selection of some of my past productions. 

For my full CV please visit my spotlight:

2021 Instagram wrap up.png


This past year I have got to work on some incredible projects, including Netflix's The Witcher, mocap for Rockstar Games & Frontier Developments, and something very special for Marvel (I'm a HUGE Marvel fan, and am so exciting to be a part of this universe!)
These projects are still in development so this is all the details I can give at the moment - I look forward to seeing the finished results in the coming years!!


Macbeth has been one of my favourite roles to date! Combining sword fighting with the incredible emotional journey he goes through throughout the play. It was a dream to be back performing with Shadow Road Productions in this stunning four person production! We first performed during 2020, at the height of the pandemic, bubbling the four of us together and performing open-air to socially distanced audiences.

I then reprised this role again in 2021!

"Absolutely amazing! Would highly recommend to anyone who is a fan of Shakespeare. Very intimate and well thought out production. In what used to be a male dominated area, these four women played the roles amazingly and with so much talent. Will definitely go to more events in the future!"

"What a terrific show! I am still replaying in my mind the subtle shifts that all the characters passed through as undreamt of possibilities turned into dreadful realities. The ghost at the feast scene was hugely powerful as Macbeth finally unravelled. An excellent script by Emma King-Farlow and superb performances"

"Amazing how four people can slip into all those roles so perfectly"

Scrooge at his Desk


In 2019 I got to play a character I never dreamed I'd get to play. Ebeneezer Scrooge! 

I've always been told that, as an actor, you have a particular look and are destined to play characters associated with that look. 

This is why it has been so brilliant working with Emma King-Farlow, the director of A Christmas Carol. Her adaptation was gender blind casting and focused on the relationships in Dickens' beloved classic. We follow Scrooge through his life from a young school boy, to eager apprentice, and watch how he became the grumpy old man we all know and love and how the three ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future help redeem him in time for Christmas.

I was delighted to reprise this role in 2021! And I hope to do so again in the future. 

"A brilliant & professional performance this afternoon. The changes of emotions & clothing with such integrity of acting was quite moving. So pleased to be with you - a gem of an afternoon!"

"Really talented bunch, a really impressive interpretation & dramatisation - so creative with the props and the overall format. Brilliant & congratulations!"

"Such an innovative and engaging performance!"


This was another production with the awesome team at Fireside Folktales.

When we first launched this show it was with a cast of six, but to make us more accessible for venues the show was re-written for a cast of four. 

The first time we performed this show at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival in 2019 I played Hades, Lord of the Underworld. In the re-write there is a lot more character swapping and some horrendously fast costume changes! We have these down to a fine art now, but it took a lot of practice, often there is only a line for us to completely change costume and return as a new character. In this latest adaption I am reprising Hades, but also playing the Gardener, Lukas & Cyneas.

Hades & Hermes
Gisborne vs Alan


I grew up with the tales of Robin Hood and they are very dear to me! It was wonderful to be back performing A Tale of Robin Hood with Emma King-Farlow and some of the previous cast again in this more intimate version, a cast of 5-6 as opposed to the cast of 19 we had back in 2016. 

Here I had the best of both worlds, getting to play the villain, Sir Guy of Gisborne, and Robin's best friend, Little John.


More puppets, less sword fighting! Aesop's Fables by Emma King-Farlow was premiered at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival in 2019 and is aimed at young children. It follows three of Aesop's beloved classics as the various animals get ready for the Harvest festival. In different productions I have played the Stork, Ant 9, and the Narrator, as well as getting to play with our fabulous Fox Puppet.

Fun fact - Puppet Fox is wearing a matching jacket to human fox, as the character is played by both throughout the show, which I made from felt. I also made Stork's mask, which took me back several years to the last time I played with paper maché.

Performing at the Barnes Children's Literature Festival


Currently in post-production

I acted in a short film while I was living in Melbourne. And had an absolute blast making it!

There aren't many jobs where you get to spend your time curled up on the sofa with a duvet, or as they say in the land down under, 'doona'.

Cannot wait to see the finished result!


This was my first short film that I produced! Along with Laura Hartwell, our brilliant director Daniel Webb, and wonderful writer Maya Miko, we created A Christmas Claret - a festive gathering which takes a drastic turn when a mysterious gift is opened.

This film was so much fun to make! The producing side was tough, getting a film financed is hard work! But we had an incredible team and getting to work with them all on this was phenomenal. 


This was a short film made by Melissa Chan. The costumes were incredible! Also the first and only time I've been licked in the face by a horse.


This was my first lead in a short film!! A dark gritty story involving stalking and kidnap. Random fact, I had broken my foot but got the boot off just in time to film, was very relieved.


This show holds a very special place in my heart, I met so many incredible humans, not least our amazing director, Emma King-Farlow, who I've had the joy to work with on several shows since this!

Here I played the villainous Sergeant Cooper. And got to beat up Robin Hood, Long Live King John! (Also had a fabulous beard, sported here in some great behind the scenes pics).


Getting to play Nina in The Seagull was awesome! She's such a complex character and I loved getting to explore her journey, shame it all ended rather depressing, but that's Chekhov for you.

I had some beautiful dresses in this show, trying to track down some photos, will upload soon. But here is our lovely cast!!

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